Mixing culture & contemporary

Inspired by women who do it all, DOUM is a fashion accessories label that celebrates living a life in leisure.
Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and Moroccan culture, DOUM combines designs with an accurate craftsmanship.
Each design exudes a spirit of true lightness creating a new and fresh fashion identity.

The Philosophy

DOUM wants to provide unique models for unique women.

Our brand is proud to have an all-female team made up of women all over the country working on an equitable and fair trade approach.
The designs merge the latest global trends to worldwide fashion.

The signature accessories lie in modern shapes, great leather, natural fabrics and attention to details.

About The Designers

Mother-daughter duo : Samira and Yasmine Madranian are the women behind the DOUM brand. Together they build on the brand’s rich heritage and legacy of craftsmanship by making use of traditional moroccan crafts to bring it into modern day relevance.

What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion.
Through all the years they learned the basics of pattern making and developed an understanding for fabric characteristics.

« Connecting with other women to create together has been one of the most awesome parts of starting this business. » Sam Madranian